Charm City Bound at Penny Black!

My Spouse and I moved to the DC area about 5 years ago and on trips back home to Vermont when we were speeding past Baltimore, he would usually say something like, “We should really check out Baltimore someday, it’s supposed to have some pretty nice places to eat. ” To which I always responded in a snarky manner, “ I have no interest in ever visiting Baltimore.” Cue ironic, inspirational music.
Yes, less than 4 years after moving to MD, we bought a row home in Baltimore. It started with a casual visit to Fell’s Point in the early Spring. We just parked our car in the middle of Upper Fell’s Point and starting walking around. It was a beautiful day and the Rowhouses, Patterson Park and the Harbor all charmed me.

We love it here in Baltimore. The People are friendly, the food is delicious and above all, the value is great. We love to eat out, so I thought, why not do two things I love at once-Eat yummy food and write about it?!

I decided to write a blog about celebrating Baltimore’s food scene.
One of our favorite places to have a casual lunch or snack is Penny Black in Fell’s Point. This local Tavern has been operating as Penny Black since 2014 after it was re-purchased from the previous owner-Charles “Chuck” Doering- It originally opened in 1977 and ran until 2006 as John Stevens Ltd.  Condolences to the family and friends of the late Mr. Doering who has left an endearing legacy on Fells Point.

Penny Black is quiet (when we go-11am-4pm), unassuming and smells great! It’s charming in an old-word kind of way and doesn’t take itself too seriously. We always get the last table in the main bar room by the heat and it’s so cozy, especially in mild weather. They smoke their own wings and meat and have a charming fireplace leading to the outdoor courtyard. For a more intimate experience, try a seat in the colonial-style dining room in the back. The staff is friendly and comfortable and are genuinely nice folks.

Here’s the reason we love Penny Black. The value for the price. The burger on the menu is $10.95 and comes with yummy, crisp fries, lettuce, tomato and onion. You can get add-ons for $2, like their own smoked bacon, which is thick and crisp and not too fatty. The burger is delicious and worth every- well- you know. The rest of the menu is rounded out with solid appetizer options and well-made sandwiches and entrée options and the chefs in the kitchen have really put their stamp on old-time favorites.

Penny Black has a nice selection of local and regional beer on draught, a surprisingly delightful wine list and a plentiful whiskey list. But the main reason I go is for the wings.
Whenever I first try out a casual eatery, I try the burger and the wings first. I believe these are two of the bedrocks of casual pub fare and if you can nail them- I’m in! Penny Black has a few options for their wings, but let’s just get right to it- The Memphis Rub, Smoked wings are amazing. At $9.95 you get 8 really plump and substantial wings, celery, ranch and homemade blue cheese.

Memphis BBQ Rub Wings

The meat is juicy and cooked thru perfectly and the skin has just the right amount of rub and smoke to it. I’m full after 8 wings and I can eat, so it’s a nice appetizer to share. We have had the wings about 8 times since we moved here and they do not disappoint.
If you find yourself in Fell’s Point, stop by Penny Black and try the wings and a burger. You can walk it off after with a nice stroll in the historic Harbor or nearby Patterson Park.

So, Here’s to Baltimore and my first blog. Thank you for making us feel welcomed and I can’t wait to eat more of Baltimore!