I Moved to Baltimore about a year ago from Vermont.  I met my Husband while he was attending Law School and I was busy running a 90-seat Seafood Restaurant, Catering business and Wine shop with a Fish Market and Deli in a small city on the Canadian border.  We got a chance to relocate, so I sold the business and we headed South just outside DC.

I grew up in Dairy and Maple Syrup Farm Country in a small town in Vermont.  We had large gardens growing up and my Mom canned and kept just about all the vegetables we could in the root cellar.  I got lots of experience working on neighboring farms and had an ideal childhood- playing in the woods, picking blackberries, drinking warm, unpasteurized milk right from the cow and being outdoors a lot.

I started cooking for myself and my brother when my Mom started working outside of the home and that soon lead to a job in a local restaurant.  I worked my way up the in the kitchen and ultimately attended school for Hotel and Restaurant Management at Paul Smith’s College in NY.  I have worked out West in the hospitality industry, but ultimately realized the East Coast is where I am most happy.  We settled in Baltimore after some scouting of neighborhoods and truly enjoy the food scene here.  I am not a writer by trade, but I enjoy recounting my experiences so that others might check out some of the many great food establishments here is Baltimore.